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Linkcomn Galaxy 100C is a high capacity power bank (10 000mAh). It has an exquisite design & features smart IC technology. It comes with dual USB output ports. It is very slim & offers safe charging.Features:- The next generation of USB-C charging- Easy to carry- Multiple safety protection- ..
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Simple solution for home and office users.• Power Backup Solution: Provides uninterrupted power to your sensitive PC Systems• Free Software Download: Download the latest software direct from the internet.• Cost Efficient: A small $ investment will protect your valuable electronics equipment from the..
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The LinkQnet 8800mAh Mini DC UPS is an ideal uninterrupted power backup solution to keep your electronic devices running during power outages and during the time it takes for your generator to kick in up to 6hrs depending on demand. With its variable and selectable 9V, 12V, 15V, 24V & 5V USB out..
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