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This Wireless Mobile Charger and Sterilization box use UV-c Ozone light to sterilize your mobile phone and other small items to eliminate bacteria and protect the users from virus infection. Its sterilization application ranges from sterilization of keys, masks, jewelry and more. The radiation that kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and microorganisms that hides in crevices where cleaning wipes can’t reach. It comes with a USB-C charging cable and has both USB-A and USB-C ports for easy of charging.

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– Research proves that our mobile has 10-18 times more bacteria than a public toilet. And the bacteria and virus on our iPad and Kindle are close to that if you use them frequently. We need to disinfect these electronic products to avoid mutual transmission of germs. UV -c light has proven effects on destroying the DNA structure of germs, thus killing the bacteria and virus.
– The Ultraviolet + ozone offer double sterilization to eliminate dead spots encouraging health surfaces of your everyday products.
– Ozone has strong oxidation, can effectively kill bacteria’s DNA replication, even in the tiny corners of your items like your earphones.
– Fits any smartphone or mobile phone up to 6.2 inches, and other commonly used items such as eyeglasses, masks, jewelry, watches, makeup tools, keys, baby products and earphones, inside the box to get a complete disinfecting bath.
– Wireless Charging: This sterilization box is also a wireless charger for any QI-enabled device. Simply place your wireless charging capable smartphone on top of the box and charging will begin.
– Aromatherapy Function: An aromatherapy slot allows users to add a few drops of their preferred essential oil to provide sterilized items with a pleasant aroma. It has a built-in Aroma therapy mouth inside the box and
– 2 sterilization modes – 3 minute and 10-minute modes.
– The box can simultaneously charge and sterilize your phone.
– It can also use the USB output to charge any small devices like your phone via a USB-A port
– With the new magnetic design, the ultraviolet light will automatically turn off when the cover is opened to avoid harm to the eyes.
– Portable and easy to carry.
– Long service life: Even after using 10000 times, it still remains with 60% Ozone in the light.
– Easy operate, one-click switch controls standard mode and fast mode.

– Input: 5V/2A 9V/2A (Max)
– UV 2W (Max)
– Dual band ultraviolet: 254nm(UV-C) and 185nm(V-UV)
– USB Output: 5V/2A
– Wireless Charging Output: QI 10W (Max)
– Battery Capacity: 4000mAh / 14.8wh
– Material: ABS +PC
– Wireless Charging Conversion Rate: 73%
– Rated Frequency: 110 – 205khz
– Transmission distance: < or = 6mm
– Wavelength: 185nm & 254nm
– One Push Button
– 1 x USB-A Port
– 1 x USB-C port

– Please use not more than 2 drops of the aroma oil drops at a time.
– Please do not use alcoholic perfumes to avoid diverse effects on the surface of the silicon-based mobile phones

Product Code: IS-SW02-C

What’s in the box
1 x SW02-C Sterilizing & Charging Box Device
1 x USB-C Cable
2 x Oil Dropper Tubes,
1 x User Manual

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