PremiumSUN C40PS ATX PSU With 12CM Fan (No Switch)


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The PremiumSUN C40PS is a basic power supply dedicated to power desktop computers.
Made of high quality components, the power supply has 2 x SATA connectors, 2 x MOLEX connectors, P4 4-pin connector and a universal 24-pin motherboard connector. It supports ATX 12V specifications.
Efficient, quiet fan with automatic speed control and a diameter of 12cm ensures effective cooling (no power switch).
High efficiency and stable operation of the power supply affects the reliability of all computer components.
– Voltage (AC Input): 220V – 230V
– Voltage (DC Output): +5V, 11A
– Voltage (DC Output): +3.3V, 11A
– Voltage (DC Output):+12V 1, 14A
– Current (AC Input): 5A
– Current (DC Output): -12V, 0.3A
– Current (DC Output): +5VSB, 2A
– Frequency (AC Input): 50Hz
– Frequency (DC output): PS-ON
– Frequency (DC output): POK, PG
– Frequency (DC output): COM, GND

Product Code: PS-C40PS-NS

What’s in the box:
1 x PremiumSun C40PS (No Switch)


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