Sigma Filter 82mm WR UV Filter


Able to absorb ultraviolet light and prevent bluish tones from ruining photos captured in sunny shooting conditions, the Sigma 82mm WR UV Filter will not add any additional colouration or contrast. This is why it can easily be paired with other filters.

The oil and water repellent property of the Sigma 82mm WR UV Filter ensure water droplets and fingerprints are repelled with ease. Clarity and sharpness is further boosted by its antistatic nature which repels microscopic dust particles. As the filter prevents dust, dirt and scratches from reaching the front lens element, this UV filter doubles as a general protection filter.

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– Reduces bluish tones by absorbing ultraviolet light when shooting in bright outdoor conditions.
– Colourless filter that will not impact colour reproduction
– Antistatic property repels microscopic dust particles thereby improving sharpness
– Oil repellent property makes the filter fingerprint resistant
– Water repellent to ensure clearer, sharper images when shooting in more challenging outdoor conditions

Product Code: AFH9B0

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1 x 82mm WR UV Filter

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