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The need to own versatile backup batteries anytime and anywhere is becoming very necessary so instead of just going “modest” with low capacity power banks, the 30BOOK powerbank now comes with a huge capacity of up to 30,000mAh. The Yoobao 30BOOK Powerbank is one of the best universal power banks out there, if not the best as it can fast charge almost every mobile device on the go with a high energy supply. It charges not only smartphones but tablets, laptops, E-books, fitness bracelets, headsets, selfie sticks etc. It has 3 USB output ports, a two-way Type-C port and it supports popular fast charging technologies. You can now connect and charge 3 gadgets at the same time! The Powerbank can be charged through 3 types of cables, Type-C, Lightning or micro-USB. It has a stylish ultra-thin design, LED-display for indicating the charge and most importantly a huge supply of energy of 30 000 mAh.

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– This Mobile “power station” Powerbank has 4 outputs (3 USB and Type-C) and 3 inputs (Type-C, micro-USB and Lightning)
– The orange USB ports support fast charging technology. The ports have an intelligent sensor. If your phone supports fast charging, it will charge quickly with an increased voltage of 9 V or 12 V. If not, the standard charge will go 5 V.
– The battery capacity is 30 000 mAh.  With this margin you can not only safely leave somewhere for the weekend, but also go on vacation or on a hike for a week. For example, it will charge normal iPhone 7 times more than normal powerbanks!
– The Type-C connector is two-way, that is both input and output work. This port supports PD fast charging technology and an output power of 18 Watts. That means you can even charge your laptops! For example, charge Apple MacBook Pro 15 2018 2 times. Charging time is only 2.2 hours.
– NB: Please note that for fast charging, the cable must also support fast charging.
– Finally, the owners of the iPhone and Type-C smartphones will not have to carry two different cables with them to charge the phone and the powerbank. This battery has three inputs – micro-USB, Type-C (two-way) and Lightning. To charge the power bank, take the cable with which you charge the phone. Insert the Type-C, Lightning, or micro-USB plug into the power bank, and plug the USB plug into a wall outlet or computer port. When the powerbank is fully charged you can then use the same cable to charge the phone when required.
– At the Type-C input, the bank also supports fast charging. It charges 1.5 times faster than analogs with the same capacity that is only 9 hours instead of 15.
– In addition, the power bank supports “pass-through” charging technology which means that you can simultaneously charge the power bank and the devices connected to it.
– LED display. There is a button on the case that when pressed, the bank will calculate the amount of remaining energy and show it on the display. The charge is displayed as percentage. You will not forget to recharge the battery in time.
– This powerbank has a slim and stylish design. The case is made of strong materials, ABS plastic and polycarbonate which protect the device from shock.
– Powerbank is ultrathin – only 16 mm. It weighs 765 g. It resembles a notebook in design therefore looks solid and appropriate in any situation both at home on the table and during a business meeting.
– 100% safe, People often ask how safe the external battery is for the phone. Absolutely! The battery has passed more than 70 tests and has 10 levels of protection from overcharging, overvoltage, overheating and short circuit.
– Model Name: 30BOOK
– Portable: Can be carried in the laptop-bag or normal backpack
– Capacity:30000mAh 111Wh/3.7V
– Polymer Battery
– Total Input: 5V-3A
– Lightning Input:5V-2.4A / 9V-2A / 12V1.5A
– Micro Input:5V-2.4A / 9V-2A / 12V-1.5A
– Type C Input:5V-3A / 9V-2A / 12V-1.5A

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1 x 30BOOK Powerbank

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